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Dog Welfare in 2016 had highs and lows; just when one thinks humans cannot sink to any further depths of cruelty and neglect we hear of another animal targeted by human depravity and violence. Worldwide there are people battling against the senseless cruelty and thoughtlessness towards animals, dog rescue is a necessary service all over the world trying to balance the scales of justice and offer love and hope.

In the U.K. the mandatory microchip was brought in as a defence against irresponsible ownership. The extra work nearly brought the largest microchip database to their knees and notifications of transfers of ownership and updates are taking quite a while to come through. IT WILL GET BETTER!

For us smaller rescues the costs of medical care can take us to the brink of ruin but we all fight on because ‘that’s what we do’. Without you generous sympathisers and lovers of our breed we couldn’t operate, thank heaven for you all and to Dorie and her staff at Heathrow Boarding Kennels, to Sue and Keith at Woodside, to everybody at K9 Rescue Remedy Support Group ( soon to join up with us at GGSDR) Doodley Dogs, Mandy at Hydrotherapy, Colin Woods for Obedience and behaviour advice, the amazing skills of the veterinary surgeons and their staff and our foster carers. REMEMBER, IF YOU SHARE LIFE WITH A DOG YOU ARE NEVER, EVER WITHOUT A FRIEND!


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